How to Create a Login and User Account Links

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To create a login/register link for logged-out users and a user account for logged-in users with Olympus, you will see how simple it is. First, you need to activate two modules of Olympus PRO, which are the Popup Login module to create the Login/Register link and the Menu Visibility module to display the link for logged-in and out users, and also to display user’s infos.


By default, Olympus PRO has all modules disabled, requiring you that after installing and activating the Olympus PRO plugin, go to Appearance > Olympus and toggle to Enable Popup Login Module and Menu Visibility Module.

After enabling both modules, click on Appearance > Menus.

1. Login/Register Link

The first one will be to display the Login/Register popup, add a custom link with # as URL and what you want as Link Text, once added to your menu, select Logged Out Users in the Menu Visibility Settings to display this link only for logged out users, and check the Use as popup login in the Popup Login Settings.

2. User Account Link

The second one will be the user account link, add a page or create a custom link, once added to your menu, select Logged In Users in the Menu Visibility Settings to display this link only for logged in users, when you will select it, you will see three dots in the Navigation Label input, click on it, from there, you can see some settings related to user’s infos like to display their avatar, first or last name, username, etc…, for the example, I just want to display user avatar and first name, so I select both and I add them like this {avatar} Hello, {first_name}.

If you add the {avatar} code to your menu item, you will see the Avatar settings to control the avatar size, max width and spacing.

Result for Logged Out Users

Result for Logged In Users

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