How to Install Olympus on Multisite

Installing Olympus on a Multisite Network is done with slight changes, as a Single Installation differs from the other.

The dashboard is different from a starting point, displaying My Sites as a menu option.

WordPress Multisite Dashboard

When clicking on the Appearance menu item, the result is different from expected, that is, when compared with what you would expect from a Single Installation. For example, WordPress will display only its default theme instead of others previously released.

Default Multisite Theme Display

In order to install Olympus, you will need to go to Network > Themes instead, since themes are installed using the Main Site on the Network, which works as a central to all subsites created under the same Network.

Multisite Themes Navigation

Themes on a Multisite installation do not display as nicely as on a Single Installation. This is because Multisites are often more potent at the user level than for the regular user.

Multisite Default Themes Installed

Once you load the Themes, click on the menu item that reads Add New on the sidebar, and the process would be the same as done on a Single Installation. However, after the theme is installed and activated, you will be sent to the Themes page again, and Olympus will appear enabled for the entire Network.

Olympus Default Installation Display

This means that Olympus is enabled to display on all subsites on your Network. However, disabled but visible so that it can be activated at any given subsite.

Multisite Subsite Theme Display

NOTE: As it happens with Single Installations, if you plan to extend the functionality of our theme by adding custom code, JS or CSS, we strongly recommend you install our Child Theme alongside our theme.

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